Richard Rosenberg’s performance editions (including of the music of Edmond Dédé & Eugene Dédé fils, Charles Lambert, Sidney Lambert & Lucièn Lambert fils and Louis Moreau Gottschalk) are available for rental and/or purchase.


A Small Step Towards Correcting the Overwhelming Whiteness of Opera
From the New Yorker: May 18, 2017, by Lucy Caplan

On the Trail of Gottschalk

The Soloist: An Eye On The Orchestra, The Other on The Cat 

Works for Orchestra: 

Basile Barés La Campanilla, orchestrated by Rosenberg, 2003

Giovanni Bottesini, Gran Duo concertante for Violin, Double Bass & Orchestra (ed. by Richard Rosenberg), orchestral score and parts.

Edmond Dédé
“Chicago,” Grande Valse à l’Américaine. 1891 [orchestra: 1/1picc/2/2/2-2/2/3/oph (or tuba)-timp/snare & g.c.-strings]

Mirliton Fin de Siècle,“Polka Originale.”1892 [orchestra: 3 Mirlitons (kazoo)-1/picc/2/2/0-2/2/3/oph;batterie:gc & snare-strings]

Mon Pauvre Coeur. 1848 [orchestrated by Richard Rosenberg, 2003: voice-1/1/2/2-4/0/0/0-harp-strings]

Mon Sous Off!cier, Quadrille Brilliante sur des motife de E. Duham & E. Dédé. * [orchestra: 1/1-picc/0/2/0-4/2/3/oph-gc & cymb-strings]

Méphisto Masqué, “Polka Fantastique.” 1889 [orchestra: mirlitons (kazoo): 3 tenor, 3 basses, 2tailles-1/1picc/2/2/2-2/2/3/ophicleide solo, timpani/gc,cym, tri strings]

“La Serment de la Arabe” [orchestrated by Richard Rosenberg, 2003 – voice & orchestra]

“Le Sultan d’Ispahan,” Overture. 1887 [2/2/2/2-4/2/2/3/1-timp+3-strings]

Eugene Dédé, fils
“En Chasse,” Mazurka Élégante, orchestrée par Edmond Dédé. 1891 [orchestra: 1/1 picc/2/2/2-2/2-cor a pist/3 /oph-gc & triangle/snare-strings]

Franz Joseph Haydn, Il Mondo della Luna, Overture (ed. by Richard Rosenberg), orchestral score and parts.

Louis Moreau Gottschalk
Ave Maria for soprano and small orchestra, orchestrated by Richard Rosenberg, 2003

La caza del Joven Enrique por Méhul (Overture to Étienne Méhul’s, La chasse du jeunne Henri), for three pianos, ten hands & orchestra,1848

Célèbre Tarantelle, opus 67, no. 1, original version for piano & orchestra by the composer, 1868

Célèbre Tarantelle, opus 67, no. 5, arranged for piano flute, clarinet & strings by Nicolas Ruiz Espadero, 1874

Escénas Campestres Cubanas, RO.77, for soprano, tenor, baritone & orchestra, 1859-1860 (piano/vocal score also available)

La Chasse de Jeune Henri, Overture, arranged by Gottschalk for three pianos (10-hands) and orchestra, c. 1848

I Don’t See It, Mama! for soprano & small orchestra. Words by Henry C. Watson, 1858, orchestrated by Rosenberg, 2003

Radieuse, Polka de concert, arranged for large orchestra by Richard Rosenberg, 2004

Symphony No. 2, “A Montevideu,” for orchestra, 1862

Symphonie romantique, “A Night in the Tropics”
– original version for very large orchestra, after the composer’s autograph manuscript, edited & completed by Richard Rosenberg, 1999

– new version for standard symphonic forces, edited & completed by Richard Rosenberg, 2000
I. “Noche en los Tropicos” (A Night in the Tropics)
II. “Festa Criolla” (Creole Festival)

  • New version for wind symphony, 2015

The Young Shepherdess and the Knight for soprano & small orchestra. Words by Henry C. Watson, orchestrated by Rosenberg, 2003

Variations de concert sur l’hymne portugaise, opus 91, for piano & orchestra, 1868

Francis Scott Key

The Star-Spangled Banner Suite: c. 13 minutes. For SATB chorus, soloist and full orchestra. Music by Francis Scott Key, arranged by Richard Rosenberg (2004). This lively new suite incorporates six historic editions of our national anthem from its original publication through 1918. The chorus and soloist sing all four verses, and two mid-1800s march and dance versions are arranged for orchestra alone. Rental only.

Lucièn Léon Guillaume Lambert fils 
Overture to “Brocéliande”
 1891, orchestrated by Richard Rosenberg, 1999
* Recently rediscovered orchestration by Lambert: 2/2/2/2-4/2/3/0-1/2-harp & strings

Sydney Lambert
Stella, Mon Etoile, Célèbre Valse de F.A. Rente, Arrangé par Sydney lambert. 2/2/2/2-2/1/1/0-timp-strings

Gustav Mahler
Blumine, a new critical edition by Richard Rosenberg, after the composer’s manuscript. Score and parts.

Symphony No. 10, Adagio, re-orchestration by Richard Rosenberg

Ernesto Nazareth
“Odeon”, Tango Brasileiro. orchestrated by Richard Rosenberg. 1/1picc/1/eh/cl/Bcl/1-4211-6 perc-harp-strings

Cole Porter, Overture to “Aladdin,” (1958)

Satie, “Relache” (ed. Richard Rosenberg)

Raymond Scott

“Powerhouse,” “In an 18th century Drawing Room” & “Dinner Music for a Bunch of Hungry Cannibals,” arr. Richard Rosenberg for large orchestra

Arnold Schönberg, Verklärte Nacht, critical edition for string sextet and also for string orchestra–after the composer’s manuscript and subsequent modifications.

Dana Suesse

Jazz Nocturne, arr. Carroll Huxley, (ed. by Richard Rosenberg)

Samuel Snäer
“Sous Sa Fenetre ” 1872 [orchestrated by Richard Rosenberg. Voice and orchestra]

Vincent Youmans

Tea for Two, arr. Shostakovich, (ed. by Richard Rosenberg)

String Orchestra

Brubeck, Regret

Calvo, Añoranza

Schönberg, Verklärte Nacht (edited after the composer’s newly-recovered manuscript)

Valverde, Noche de Luna en las Ruinas


Dédé, Edmond, Morgiane, ou, Le sultan d’Ispahan, 1887,opéra en 4 actes, paroles de Louis Brunet (Overture completed, the remainder is under construction)

(Comic) Opera
Edmond Dédé 
Françoise et Tortillard
 Saynete Comique, 1877, words by E. Duhem arranged by Richard Rosenberg, 1999 [soprano, tenor, clarinet, cornet, bassoon, violin, viola, violoncello, double-bass]. In French with dialogue in the English translation by Daphne Eller & Julien Benichou.

Lucièn Léon Guillaume Lambert fils

Brocéliande, Grande Opera, 1893, orchestration by Richard Rosenberg expected late 2017

Opera Libretti

Mozart/Shikaneder, “The Magic Flute: American Idiomatic-English translation by Laura J. Schnayer, Shana Norton, Sean Kelly & Richard Rosenberg (2005). This witty translation retains every syllable and rhythm, as well as the spirit of the original.

Stravinsky/Ramuz, “The Soldier’s Tale”: English version by Richard Rosenberg (1995).

Lucièn Léon Guillaume Lambert fils 
Overture to “Brocéliande”
 1891, orchestrated by Richard Rosenberg, 1999*

Works for Choir

Beethoven, Symphony No. 9, arranged by Gustav Mahler (1895), vocal score with piano reduction of the entire fourth movement. First edition of this celebrated reexamination of the masterwork. 68 pages, ed. Richard Rosenberg (2005). View example.  Also the original version by Beethoven is available.

Berlioz, Symphonie Funèbre et Triomphale, vocal score with piano reduction (ed. by Richard Rosenberg)

Gustav Mahler
Symphony No. 2, “Resurrection”, new critical edition of the choral finale by Richard Rosenberg
Symphony No. 3, new critical edition of the choral fifth movement by Richard Rosenberg


A Midsummer Night’s Dream, vocal score (ed. Richard Rosenberg)

Johann Strauss II
An der schönen, blauen Donau (On the Beautiful, Blue Danube, 1867), text by Franz von Gernerth.
Arranged for SATB with orchestra or piano, after the original version (for the Wiener Männergesang-Verein), by L. & R. Rosenberg

Works for Chamber Ensemble
Edmond Dédé
“Rêverie Champêtre,” pour violon-ou-hautbois (avec accompagnement de piano & violoncelle. ad lib.)

George Gershwin

Walking the Dog, from Shall We Dance. Arranged for chamber ensemble

Works for Voice(s) and Piano
Edmond Dédé
“Battez aux Champs: Cantata dédiée à S.M. l’Empereur Napoléan III,” 1865, Paroles de Jules Marville-Delamé
“Cora La Bordelaise,” Chansonnette, 1881, words by Gaston Faure
“Mon Pauvre Coeur,” 1852, words by C. Sentmant, New Orleans
“Mon Sous Off!,” Chansonnette,1876, words by H. Min & E. Duhem
“Tond les chiens, coup’ les chats,” Duo Burlesque. 1893, 3 verses by L. Bouvet & Hobret [s/a/t/b/piano,]

Louis Moreau Gottschalk
“Berceuse” (Cradle Song) de L. M. Gottschalk, poem by Ed. Guinand, arr. voice & piano by Lucièn Lambert fils, 1898

Lucièn Léon Guillaume Lambert fils
“Chants d’Oiseaux”. Words by F. Narcy, 1890 [voice & piano]

“Hymnis,” Drame Antique en un acte. Words by André Alexandre,1889 [voice, violin & piano]

Felix Mendelssohn
Two songs from A Midsummer Night’s Dream for soprano 1 & 2, & womens voices (SSAA), arr. by R. Rosenberg